7 free add-ons for Chrome to rev your web browsing

Lawyers spend a lot of time on the web, especially with the rise of cloud computing. However, few realize how much utility they can add to their browsing experience with just a few well-chosen extensions.  In his Law Practice Magazine article, “Customizing Chrome,” author Erik Mazzone, director of the Center for Practice Management at the North Carolina Bar Association, shares his favorite add-ons available for his browser of choice, Google Chrome.

All extensions are available for free at the Google Web Store.

AdBlock – “It’s been so long since I’ve seen ads on the Web, I’ve more or less forgotten how annoying they are,” says Mazzone of this program that quietly works in the background without having to click a button.

Evernote Clearly and Evernote Web Clipper – Says the self-confessed Evernote junkie: “The Evernote Web Clipper extension helps me cut just the pieces I want out of Web pages and get them filed away in the right notebook and with the right title. Evernote Clearly not only helps me clip articles, it also reformats them elegantly and removes all the extraneous material so they can be read as clearly as a page in a book.”

Add to Wunderlist – This add-on creates a single-click button on websites to make it simple to add new items to a to-do list, says Mazzone, who calls the extension his “to-do list manager of choice.”

LastPass – It’s a safe deposit box for all your passwords, says Mazzone. “It not only stores them safely, it also auto-creates new, long, random passwords, fills forms and launches websites by filling in your username and password all with the click of a button.”

Pocket – When you see something online that you want to read, but don’t have the time, this extension saves an article for later with just one click of a button.

Buffer – If you’re like Mazzone, after reading your favorite blogs, you have several articles you’d like to share on Twitter. To save your followers from getting deluged with tweets, use this add-on to space out your tweets, even if you queue them up all at once.

Hover Zoom - This extension allows you to hover your mouse or trackpad over any image you encounter on the Web and it auto-zooms the image to a larger size.

For Mazzone’s full list of favorite Chrome add-ons, click here.

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