YLD Still Giving Back After 75 Years
By Lizz Acee, YLD Chair
Martin Luther King, Jr. once said that “[l] ife’s most urgent question is: what are you doing for others?” This year, the young lawyers of the American Bar Association Young Lawyers Division will do what we have been doing for almost seventy-five years— we will serve our communities through pro bono and public service, and we will serve our members.
One important way the YLD will serve our communities this year is through the 2008–09 Domestic Violence Public Service Project discussed in this issue of TYL . The program will be in partnership with the ABA Commission on Domestic Violence and non-ABA national partner Break the Cycle.
YLD will also serve its members this year through a Mentorship Project offering an online collection of articles, quick tips, and audio recordings geared toward the needs of young lawyers. As part of this project, YLD is working with StoryCorps® to record and share stories of mentorship in the legal profession from lawyers, judges, and others. The recordings will be available on the YLD Web site, archived at the Library of Congress, and segments may air on National Public Radio. At our conferences this year we will collaborate with the firm of Young Mayden to provide a wide range of career development programming and one-on-one career counseling sessions.
Additional plans this year include improving how we offer and package the resources young lawyers want and need, holding important and open discussions on diversity within the profession, and continuing to work with FEMA to provide immediate and temporary assistance to disaster victims.
Next July we will also be kicking off our 75th anniversary celebration at the Chicago Annual Meeting. As part of the celebration we hope to share a video and publication documenting YLD’s rich history.
For almost seventy-five years, the ABA Young Lawyers Division has focused on giving back—giving back to our members, giving back to our communities, and giving back to one another through the networking opportunities and friendships that we form as a result of our volunteer involvement. This year, we will continue to provide more pro bono and public service than any other professional organization. We will continue to serve our members—the largest contingent of the ABA. And we will continue to be leaders in diversity initiatives and providers of disaster legal services. Indeed, we are answering life’s most urgent question with action. I look forward to the year ahead!
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