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American Bar Association Young Lawyers Division - The Young Lawyer November 2009 Vol 14 Issue 2, November 2009: The digital edge How About Blogging as a Creative Retreat? How About Blogging as a Creative Retreat?

The Young Lawyer October 2009 Vol 14 Issue 2, November 2009: the digital edge—How About Blogging as a Creative Retreat?

Hanishi Thanawalla Ali is an international business and immigration attorney at Mithras Law Group in Westborough, Massachusetts. She is the ABA YLD Women in the Profession Chair (2009–2010) and can be contacted at


the digital edge
How About Blogging as a Creative Retreat?

By Hanishi Thanawalla Ali

Many of us choose legal careers because we value the concept of justice, we want to make a difference, and we envision having a good work/life balance. A good work/life balance involves having substantial control and freedom to carry out meaningful work and time for leisure and hobbies. The sign of a good work/life balance is feeling that you have a satisfying life.

Yet, how many of us constantly live in catch-up mode with ever-increasing work and family responsibilities and little or no time for to pursue hobbies or passions? Well, this year, my New Year’s resolution was to find time for my creative pursuits and pursue my hobbies. My hobbies are writing, photography, and cooking healthy meals for my family and friends. I decided to pursue all three of these hobbies by creating a food blog.

I started my blog “The Culinary Chronicles” on as a culinary blog for simple but healthy and delicious meals. I was amazed by the sheer number and diversity of other food blogs and by the support of the food blogging community. Even though my blog is still a work in progress, it really is a work of art for me. My blog allows me to share photographs of my favorite recipes, experiment with new foods, share my enthusiasm for cooking, and eat great food on my own terms. It is a way for me to keep track of my family’s favorite everyday recipes and of the recipes that I’ve inherited from my mother and my grandmother. The best part of food blogging is seeing my blog grow and learning in the process.

I recently joined Twitter and began “tweeting” about my food blog. My Twitter name has taken on a life of its own with more than eighty followers. If you have a passion or a hobby but are unable to find time to pursue it, start blogging about that passion just for fun and share your passion with others. Blogging can be stimulating and relaxing. It’s fun, free, easy, and filter-free. Once you start blogging frequently, you’ll find how enjoyable it is and be hooked!

To start your own blog, look at and as they offer free blog service with a variety of user-friendly blogging tools. Whether or not you’re techno-savvy, it is pretty easy to set up your own customizable blog within twenty to thirty minutes. Try to post content on your blog regularly to keep readers interested and to optimize your blog’s searchability as updated pages show up higher in Google search results.

If you want to find my blog on Google you would use the keywords “blogspot and Culinary Chronicles and Hanishi.” For two great blogging resources, visit, which has tips, tricks, tutorials, and resources related to the blog engine, and

I hope that I have inspired you to blog or at least follow someone else’s!