ABA’s new Economic Recovery
Resources Web Portal

During this economic downturn, getting help with your career, your practice, and your well-being is just a mouse click away. The ABA’s new Economic Recovery Resources Web Portal offers assistance in weathering these tough times. From information on job searching, personal development, and career transitions to practice management tips, advice for dealing with stress, and discounts on ABA offerings, the site offers a compilation of the association’s vast resources in a single, easy-to-navigate Web site.
Introduced earlier this year, the Economic Recovery Resources Portal comes at a critical time. Compared to a year ago, the number of managers and professionals, including lawyers, without work has nearly doubled, according to the Associated Press.
The Economic Recovery Resources Portal consists of six topic areas : job search and networking, career transitions, practice management, professiona l development, stress management, and savings. Each section contains a variety of resources that include practical advice from section publications, links to practice tools and other ABA resources, and information on relevant books and CLEs available through the association.
A particularly useful resource in the savings section is a list of CLEs available for free. Nearly fifty CLE Now! sessions on a wide range of legal topics are offered by the Center for CLE. These programs are digital downloads that members can access whenever and wherever they want.
(From the March 2009 edition of “YourABA” e-news for members)

ABA Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs
The ABA Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs (CoLAP) provides a unique service on behalf of ABA members. During this time of career and financial uncertainty, lawyers are experiencing new stress and trauma. State lawyer assistance programs look to the CoLAP for support and guidance. The Commission also makes referrals to state LAPs from CoLAP’s toll-free telephone number. The states that have staffed LAPs can provide peer support to individuals and referrals to counseling—career, mental, and financial.
Lawyers who call CoLAP’s Hotline will be given phone numbers for LAP staff or volunteers who can listen and guide them through the initial crisis. LAPs provide a lifeline for action to lawyers in difficult times.
( From the CoLAP Informational Report to the ABA House of Delegates)
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