"Year of the Summit" Ends, Conversation Continues
Christina J. Vassiliou and Griselda Vega
Christina J. Vassiliou is an associate at Sterns & Weinroth, P.C., in Trenton, New Jersey, and can be contacted at cvassiliou@sternslaw.com. Griselda Vega, an attorney with Columbia Legal Services in Yakima, Washington, can be contacted at griselda_vega25@hotmail.com..
How can law firms and other legal employers better prepare and train young lawyers for professional success?
What do law schools need to change in their curriculum to better prepare their students for the practice of law?
How can young lawyers improve their quality of life?
These are the types of tough questions young lawyers, experienced attorneys, law students, and members of the National Association for Law Placement asked and helped answer at the “Young Lawyers: The Next Generation” Summit held in Beverly Hills, California, February 8 during the ABA Young Lawyers Division Midyear Meeting. The Young Lawyer Summit was the third in a series of four summits over the 2007–08 bar year intended to elicit resolutions for consideration by ABA leadership to help change the future of the profession.
The final summit in the series, the “Diversity: The Next Generation” Summit, was held at the YLD Spring Conference in Washington, D.C., on April 19. ABA YLD Summit Coordinator Griselda Vega notes, “Diversifying the profession is critical to the future of our profession. If we are to best serve the needs of our clients, our membership needs to start to mirror those diverse backgrounds.” Participants helped the profession take the critical next steps in diversifying the profession by sharing diversity-related personal experiences and brainstorming possible initiatives.
YLD Chair Justin Goldstein’s goal with the “Year of the Summit” was for the YLD, as the national voice of young lawyers, to provide a forum where members could come together to discuss current issues, have direct input, and showcase their expertise on issues affecting young lawyers both personally and professionally. “The Summits were meant to be the start of these discussions,” said Goldstein. “The Summit teams will also compile the feedback from the various Summits in white papers, which we hope young lawyers can use to continue the discussion with their local organizations and institute some of the proposed steps that will create a better future for all.” The summit discussions also yielded possible resolutions to be presented at the YLD Assembly.
Be part of improving the future of the profession. Continue the discussion on the YLD Discussion board ( http://www.abanet.org/yld/webboard), because even though the Summits have ended, the work has just begun.