First Tuesdays bimonthly @ 1–2 pm eastern time starting in January 2009
Start your legal career off right: invest in the ABA YLD’s 2009 Teleconference Series focused on the anatomy of a trial and appeal. Armed with seasoned lawyer expertise, there’s no need to fear your first approach (or the ones that follow!) to the bench.
January 6, 2009
Anatomy of a Trial Series: Opening Statements/Direct Examination

Ideal for young lawyers who want to start the new year off right by refreshing their opening statement and direct examination skills! Participants will gain confidence in their opening statement structure and direct examination style after listening to seasoned trial lawyers offer their insights. During the program, participants will learn how to make a positive and lasting impact on the fact-finder through focused direct examination and numerous other do’s and don’ts when presenting a case. At the end of this program, participants will have gleaned insight on how to craft persuasive opening statements that will lure the trier-of-fact to their client’s position from the beginning.
March 3, 2009
Anatomy of a Trial Series: Cross-Examination
Perfect for young lawyers who want to welcome the longer days of spring by learning how to conduct blistering cross-examinations! Participants will discover the most effective delivery techniques of a cross-examination, which is arguably the most pivotal aspect of a trial. During the program, seasoned trial lawyers will articulate how to “tell your story” through organized and compelling cross-examination, all while casting doubt on the opponent’s witness.
May 5, 2009
Anatomy of a Trial Series: Closing Arguments
For young lawyers who want to get ready for summer by packing away those cold weather clothes and learning how to pack up their cases into a final summation. Every lawyer knows that a strong closing will cinch the case. Participants will learn how to put the finishing touches on their cases by articulating their clients’ position to the court in a polished, organized, and effective manner.
July 7, 2009
Elevating Your Advocacy: Understanding the Differences Between Litigating in Trial and Appellate Courts
Just right for young lawyers who want to celebrate Independence Day by exercising their clients’ right to appeal and learning the ins and outs of appellate practice. This program is designed principally for practitioners seeking to improve their appellate advocacy skills, including trial lawyers who handle their own appeals and less experienced lawyers who may not yet have had the opportunity to explore the differences inherent in appellate litigation. Our panel of appellate judges who have previously served as trial judges will provide a “don’t miss” perspective on this critical aspect of the litigation process. Participants will even learn how to overcome the special challenges associated with presenting a case to judges who may lack familiarity with the trial record.
September 1, 2009
Anatomy of an Appeal, Part I: Procedure
It’s back to school time, and back to the books for appellate advocacy skills! Join our seasoned presenters as they teach participants the procedural and preliminary aspects of an appeal, including post-judgment motions, preservation of error considerations, different procedural rules, and their importance in pursuing a successful appeal.
November 3, 2009
Anatomy of an Appeal Part II: Persuasion
Learn how to woo the appellate court with specialized techniques. In this program experienced appellate lawyers will teach the nuances between trial and appellate court persuasion—from initial and answer brief to oral argument.
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