Simple Marketing Tips for New Lawyers
By Courtney LeBoeuf
Courtney LeBoeuf is an associate with the Edgcomb Law Group, an environmental law firm in San Francisco. She can be contacted at
As a new lawyer, developing new business may seem like a daunting task. But what you lack in experience, you can make up for with shrewd marketing skills. Here are a few simple things you can do now to grow your potential client base:
Leverage contacts you already have. Begin reaching out to and maintaining contact with the people you already know. Create a list of potential business contacts by reviewing your personal contacts, your law school alumni directory, and rosters of your professional memberships. Periodic phone calls, emails, and lunches with your contacts will go a long way.
Send professional announcements. Did your firm change names, move offices, or launch a new Web site? Are you starting a new job? Such events present the perfect opportunity to send professional announcements. Announcements serve the dual purpose of informing your contacts of any new information regarding your job status and reminding people of what you do.
Get published. Writing articles will increase your visibility in the legal community. Journals, newspapers, and newsletters are always looking for material. In addition to being a great résumé builder, getting published allows your name and contact information to reach a wide audience of potential clients.
Get out of the office: A lawyer’s success is not equated with the number of hours spent behind a desk. Get out of the office and meet people! Join your local bar association. Volunteer for a committee or pro bono opportunity. Give a presentation. Become active in your community. Always carry business cards with you and take advantage of opportunities to discuss your practice.