New to the Forum Bookshelf: Construction Defects

Vol. 14 No. 3

Construction DefectsConstruction Defects
Editors: Roland Nikles, Stephen H. Reisman, Suzanne M. McSorley and Richard J. Tyler
2012, 384 pages, Paper
Product Code: 5570226
ISBN: 978-1-61438-439-7
$165.95 (Members of the ABA Forum on the Construction Industry)
$179.95 (Regular Price)

The term "construction defect" has a very broad meaning and touches on all aspects of project development, from planning, to design, to construction, to the operation of completed projects. A construction defect may manifest itself in a failure to achieve the intended or required results in terms of performance, aesthetics, cost, or serviceability of a project. It may result in property damage, a failure to meet either building code requirements or the requirements of plans and specifications.

Construction Defects provides an analytical guide to the non-uniform construction defects law in the United States. Ten chapters cover the key issues that specialists in the field of construction law and construction defects have identified as most relevant to the subject to serve as a frame of reference for analysis of any construction defect issue.

Topics include:

  • Understanding risk and consequence
  • Strategies for minimizing design defects
  • Managing risk of building defects during all phases of construction and post-construction
  • Preparing and presenting a case
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Tables and references to other publications to provide information on a state-by-state basis


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