Message from the Editor: What’s New?

Vol. 14 No. 1


So what’s new at Under Construction? Everything.

Your Forum newsletter is trotting out yet another format to be beamed to your desktop computer, laptop, tablet and handheld device. When I took over as Editor in 2007, the newsletter was printed on paper and mailed to the membership. (If you find this hard to believe or remember, check out the Under Construction archive). Since then, for various reasons, and for better or worse, we have migrated to pdf and html formats and are delivering the newsletter to you by email. The new format you are viewing is a better partner for the Forum website, so keep checking this space for enhanced functionality from your electronic newsletter.

What else is new is that I am on a search committee for my replacement. A bittersweet assignment to be sure, but I am very excited to be passing the reins to a new Editor. In fact, we are also searching for an Associate Editor, a new position in the Forum. The next leaders of Under Construction will have the opportunity to make the newsletter a better portal to all of the good buzz in the Forum beehive. Twelve thriving Divisions. Forum Books in various stages of preparation for publication. Standing Committees on Publications, Membership, Technology, Diversity and SPEC. Ad Hoc Committees. Podcasts available on iTunes. Three national programs. Regional and One-Day programs. The Construction Lawyer. Read Andy Ness’ “Message from the Chair Elect” in this issue and marvel at how many dozens of volunteers are pitching in to make the Forum run and grow.

What will the newsletter look like three years from now? With the pace of technology accelerating into 2012, I’ll wager we will be looking at Under Construction on a device that isn’t on the market yet. How will it deliver convenient access to timely and important information, connect Forum members and leaders with each other and the industry, provide a platform for commentary and debate, and interface with the website? All of that will be up to the new Editor and Associate Editor and I encourage anyone who enjoys writing and editing and is looking for a challenge to apply.


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