Message From the Editor: The Editor's Hardest Task

Vol. 14 No. 2


What’s a newsletter’s editor’s hardest task? This month, it’s deciding which article to feature on the front page of Under Construction.

Jerry Morales contributes an article on redi-mix drivers and collective bargaining agreements, reminding us that the practice of construction law includes critical labor law issues that go beyond our familiar fare of contracts, delay claims and litigation.

Richard Pearse offers an article on construction contracting in the People’s Republic of China. Construction law is a thriving practice area all the way on the other side of the globe; yet, the deal issues that challenge the industry participants there are familiar to lawyers in the Western world.

Steve Palley and Amy Garber present an excellent round-up of insurance law issues, replete with references to Lewis Carroll and Jorge Luis Borges. I wasn’t sure I would ever publish an umlaut, but there it is.

Don’t miss Andy Ness’ column on the current and future challenges of the Forum and a report on the work of the Forum Strategic Planning Committee. I have commented before on the surge of activity within the Forum in recent years. Andy’s column is a call to action for members to seize writing, speaking and other opportunities in the Forum and to send recommendations to the folks working on the next version of the Strategic Plan.

Should the front page news have been the article by Tom Rosenberg and Bill Franczek, the program chairs for the 2012 Annual Meeting in Las Vegas? Or the recent news of the announcement of our four new Women and Minority Fellows?

In the end, I decided to accentuate the “news” in newsletter and am pleased to carry the Report of the Nominating Committee as our lead item. Congratulations to Terry Brookie, Dan Brennan, Mike Menicucci, Wendy Venoit and Cary Wright on their nominations.

After this issue, I leave the hard decisions to the next editors of Under Construction. Actually, it turns out the hardest task is turning out the lights and leaving the key under the mat for the new editors. I know they will have at least as much fun as I did working on the newsletter. A final word of profound thanks to all of the great people who have helped me along the way, including the Forum Managers and Administrative Assistants, the members of the Publications Committee, the Chairs and the GC members over the past four years. And an extra big thank you to the hard working web designers and staff at ABA who helped bring Under Construction along from paper to electrons: Elmarie Calungcaquin, Amanda Draper, Andrea Siegert, and Sonya Taylor. I am looking forward to reading the newsletter in the days ahead and watching it evolve and improve under its new leadership.


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