A Guide to Criminal Law Groups at the ABA


Young Lawyers Division: Criminal Justice Committee

The Criminal Justice committee is concerned with all aspects of state and federal criminal law. This includes both substantive and procedural aspects of the law. To keep members informed about trending issues in criminal law, the committee produces four newsletters each bar year with relevant news, announcements, updates, and articles. In addition, live programming in the form of presentations at ABA YLD meetings are provided throughout the country, along with online teleconferences. More Information

Criminal Justice Section

Founded in 1920, the Criminal Justice Section of the American Bar Association has over 20,000 members including prosecutors, private defense counsel, appellate and trial judges, law professors, correctional and law enforcement personnel, law students, public defenders, and other criminal justice professionals. With its diverse, multi-disciplinary membership, the Criminal Justice Section is uniquely situated to address the pressing issues facing today's criminal justice system. More Information

Business Law Section: White Collar Crime Committee

The mission of the White Collar Crime committee is to educate and be a resource for practitioners on those aspects of white collar criminal law that impact businesses and executives and to review and analyze the government's efforts to regulate business conduct via criminal investigations and prosecutions. More Information

Section of Individual Rights and Responsibilities: Criminal Justice Committee

The Criminal Justice committee examines issues that public interest attorneys and their clients face while navigating federal, state, local and tribal criminal justice systems. More Information

Section of International Law: International Criminal Law Committee

The committee is a broad-ranged, dynamic group dealing with a variety of interests, from international aspects of domestic criminal law to international criminal tribunals. The membership is varied as well, from outstanding experts in the field to those just becoming familiar with the field. More Information

Section of Litigation: Criminal Litigation Committee

The Criminal Litigation committee is concerned with the defense and prosecution of complex white-collar cases and regulatory enforcement matters. Substantive fields covered by the committee's jurisdiction include procurement fraud, banking offenses, tax fraud, securities offenses, environmental crimes, program fraud and forfeitures, economic crimes and official corruption, and civil and criminal RICO. Procedural areas include grand jury reform, government investigative procedures, and guideline sentencing.
More Information

Solo, Small Firm and General Practice Division: Criminal Law Committee

Participation in the committee, as with most, is welcomed, whether you take an active part in a project, a program or attend our conference calls and meetings. The committee also runs a list serve and discussions. More Information

More information on criminal law resources is available at http://www.americanbar.org/groups.html.


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