A Life Transformed Through Education and Advocacy

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A Life Transformed Through Education and Advocacy

Convicted felons in Florida are permanently disqualified from having their civil rights restored after serving their time.

By prioritizing your relationships and your own emotional well-being, you will be better able to “have it all.”

To find and maintain any sense of sanity, the idea (and ideal) of balance must be tossed aside.

It can be hard to recognize burnout until you’re already out like a light bulb.

To see a greater impact nationwide, attorneys must be actively involved.

Striving to put clients before profit and to be mindful in legal practice will cement your reputation as a trustworthy attorney.

Don't be influenced by the voices saying there are no jobs or that no one gets “those” jobs, or you may miss out on opportunities and limit your potential.

Use caution when connecting with judges via social media and know the rules of the state you practice in before doing so.

You must avoid giving away your services but also guard against the possibility of unethically padding the bill.

Not much room for error with this hypothetical. To make matters worse, it's a predicament many of us will face sometime in our professional lives.

A masterful lesson in the art of civility.

The combat sports industry is indeed a unique legal animal.

I call myself a “Beer Lawyer” because it captures my interest concisely and lends to easier marketing efforts.

I live a dual life. I’m a lawyer and a literary agent.

MTV show exposes one of the Internet’s darkest trends.

Colbert may not have rights to his own faux personality.

The virtual world is expanding, but can the real world’s laws keep up?


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