TIPS 75th Anniversary


The Tort & Insurance Law Jounal

Winter 1998
Volume 33 Issue 2

Table of Contents

Recent Developments in Admiralty and Maritime Law
E. Gregg Barrios

Recent Developments in Business Tort Law
Stephen P. Groves, Sr.

Recent Developments in Civil Procedure and Evidence
Reagan William Simpson, David I. Thompson, Kimberly E. Winter, Garve Ivey, Jr., Allison Shelley, Mark M. Lawson, and R. Brian McLaughlin

Recent Developments in Commercial Transportation Litigation
Mark W. Flory, Kevin P. McNamara, Richard M. Clark, and Gerald A. Kennedy

Recent Developments of Interest to Corporate Counsel
Waldemar J. Pflepsen, Jr., Daniel J. Pope, Brigid McGrath, Derek M. Meisner, and Suzanne Lee

Recent Developments in Employee Benefits
Dan S. Brandenburg, Mark B. Wychulis, and Jonathan G. Rose

Recent Developments in Employment Law
Roxella T. Cavazos and Joseph R. Profaizer

Recent Developments in Excess, Surplus Lines, and Reinsurance Law
David H. Anderson and H. Wesley Sunu

Recent Developments in Federal Appellate Advocacy
Kenneth R. White

Recent Developments in Fidelity and Surety Law
Vincent G. Fasano, Jacqueline Lewis, David Westermann, Jr., David J. Krebs, and Martha Perkins

Recent Developments in Governmental Liability
Mary Massaron Ross and Edward M. Turfe

Recent Developments in Health Insurance and Life Insurance Case Law
Joseph J. Hasman, William A. Chittenden III, Daniel A. Engel, Joshua L. Smith,Chrys A. Martin, and Lori R. Metz

Recent Developments in Insurance Coverage Litigation
Robert E. Asperger, Hilary C. Borow, Megan Gabel, Laurie Kindel, Robert K. Landen, Lisa A. Oonk, Michael A. Orlando, and Rebecca Levy Sachs

Recent Developments in Intellectual Property Insurance
David A. Gauntlett

Recent Developments in Media and Defamation Law
David W. Zimmerman and Randy L. Dryer

Recent Developments in Medicine and Law
Barry B. Cepelewicz, Lee J. Dunn, Jr., Dava M. Feltch, Laurie J. Levin, Bruce C. Nelson, Ila S. Rothschild, Mark E. Rust, and Miles J. Zaremski

Recent Developments in Products, General Liability, and Consumer Law
Alan J. Lazarus, John J. Weinholtz, W. Kennedy Simpson, Philip E. Mischke, Sheila Doyle Kelley, and Mel M. Negussie

Recent Developments in the Law Affecting Professionals, Officers, and Directors
Kirsten L. Christophe

Recent Developments in Property Insurance Law
Stephen P. Pate

Recent Developments in the Public Regulation of Insurance Law
Mark R. Goodman

Recent Developments in Self-insurance Law
Jill B. Berkeley

Recent Developments in Title Insurance Law
Michael C. Flynn and Thomas R. McGrath

Recent Developments in Toxic Tort Law
Michael W. Drumke, Tracie C. Militano, and Jason L. Kennedy

Recent Developments in Workers' Compensation Law
Lisa A. Krouse, Alex Hernandez, Michelle F. Sachs, Michael Camilleri, Miriam Gibson Harris, Bradford B. Ingram, Niki T. Ingram, Julie Daniel, Maija B. Jackson, Thomas C. Logan, Ellen S. Tilles, Scott Topolski, and Edward M. Vokoun

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