Volume 60 - Number 4

August 2005 Issue, Vol. 60 No. 4

The Business Lawyer

August 2005 Issue, Vol. 60 No. 4

Complete collection for August 2005

60(4): 1577 - 1633 (August 2005)
The Committee on Corporate Laws of the ABA Section of Business Law develops, and from time to time proposes changes in, the Model Business Corporation Act. This report contains a variety of amendments to chapters 1, 7 and 14.

60(4): 1635 - 1637 (August 2005)
The introduction to the Uniform Commercial Code Survey from the August 2005 issue of The Business Lawyer.

The Uniform Commercial Code Survey: Sales

The Uniform Commercial Code Survey: Leases

Payments: 2004 Developments

Letters of Credit: 2004 Cases

Article 7: Documents of Title - 2004 Developments

60(4): 1715 - 1723 (August 2005)
In the following, Article 8 refers to the version of Article 8 approved in 1994, and modified in 1999, by the NCCUSL and the ALI, and now in effect in all the states; former Article 8 refers to the former version of Article 8, which was approved by NCCUSL and ALI in 1977.

60(4): 1725 - 1743 (August 2005)
Revised Article 9 has been with us now for nearly four years. The transition from former Article 9 has gone smoothly. This appears to be largely the result of an extensive educational campaign prior to and at the time of the effective date of revised Article 9, as well as careful attention in the drafting of revised Article 9 to making the transition fairly painless. The advent of revised Article 9 has not fazed the courts and the decisions have generally reached the right result (eventually).

60(4): 1745 - 1758 (August 2005)
This Article surveys progress by the international community during 2004 in modernizing and harmonizing international commercial law.

Uniform Commercial Code Survey: 2004

Corporate Compliance Survey


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