Volume 60 - Number 3

May 2005 Issue, Vol. 60 No. 3

The Business Lawyer

May 2005 Issue, Vol. 60 No. 3

Complete collection for May 2005

60(3): 943 - 958 (May 2005)
The Committee on Corporate Laws of the Section of Business Law develops, and from time to time proposes changes in, the Model Business Corporation Act. The Committee proposed a number of amendments to Chapter 1, 7, 8, and 14 of the Act. Based upon comments received with respect to those proposals, and upon further review and deliberation, the Committee has adopted those amendments as proposed, but with the further changes reflected within.

60(3): 959 - 1028 (May 2005)
The objectives of this report are to present a comprehensive survey of the relevant issues relating to this vast gray market of securities brokerage, and second, to propose a solution that the Task Force believes will provide a reduced, but appropriate, level of regulation in the M&A and Private Placement arenas.

60(3): 1029 - 1055 (May 2005)
This Report is designed to review the progress of the Task Force, to protect further activities, and to support three recommended resolutions for bedrock principles that should be ABA policy in this area.

60(3): 1057 - 1068 (May 2005)
This is the Committee on Legal Opinion’s first annual survey of the law. This survey deals with opinions to third parties, rather than opinions to clients. It deals with closing opinions, since opinions to third parties are seldom given in any other context.

Annual Review of Federal Securities Regulation


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