Volume 60 - Number 1

November 2004 Issue, Vol. 60 No. 1

The Business Lawyer

November 2004 Issue, Vol. 60 No. 1

Complete collection for November 2004

Second Report of the Select Advisory Committee on Business Reorganization

60(1): 327 - 339 (November 2004)
Every week hundreds, if not thousands, of third party legal opinions are delivered at closings for business transactions. What those opinions mean and the work lawyers are expected to do to support them has been the subject of numerous reports by this Committee, the TriBar Opinion Committee, and many state bar groups. Those reports, articles, and treatises on legal opinions have little to say about the practices law firms and law departments follow in discharging their responsibility to see that opinions are rendered (and received) in a competent and ethical manner. This Report begins an inquiry into these matters.

Changes in the Model Business Corporation Act - Proposed Amendments Relating to Chapters 1, 7, and 8

60(1): 395 - 396 (November 2004)
In this year’s Survey of the Law of Cyberspace, we continue our coverage of developments in the law driven by technological change.

60(1): 397 - 416 (November 2004)
This Article addresses the difficult issues in e-disclosure, providing a short guide to counsel for financial institutions. Counsel should be involved from the very beginning of planning the process of moving consumer financial services online. It is much easier and cheaper to build in legal compliance during web design than to go back later and try to add it.

60(1): 417 - 437 (November 2004)
This Article provides an overview of the Universal City Studios, Inc. v. Sony Corp. of America and continues with how that opinion continues to affect the law.


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