New Listserv for Affiliate Leaders

Vol. 39 No. 3

We are excited to announce the launch of the Affiliate Leadership Listserv. The Affiliate Leadership Listserv is intended to serve as a resource for executive leaders of Young Lawyer Associations (“Affiliates”) to connect, ask questions, and share information. Whether you’re looking for ideas on a service project, struggling through a challenge with your larger bar association, or want to discuss issues of importance to your organization and membership, we aim to connect leaders and provide access to relevant information.

Membership on the Affiliate Leadership Listserv is open to Chair-Elects, Chairs, and Immediate-Past/Outgoing Chairs of local, state, and special-focus Young Lawyer Organizations. If you serve in this capacity in your Affiliate, we invite you to please visit the website to sign up for the Listserv. We also encourage you to share information about the listserv with others who serve in this capacity.

If you have questions regarding the listserv contact Anna Romanskaya, Affiliate Assistance Team Director, at


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