Using Social Media: It’s Not Just About Creating a Facebook Page

Volume 37, Number 4


Jaime Ackerman is the Editor of The Affiliate and an attorney with the Mountainside, New Jersey, firm of Zucker, Goldberg & Ackerman, LLC.

Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. Foursquare. Blogger and Wordpress—up to four blogs at last count. I think I have all my social media bases covered . . . .

Social media is everywhere. It is rare to run into someone who is not at least on Facebook, if they don’t have accounts with all the major players. Whether you use those accounts professionally or just for personal use, you are probably familiar with the basics of creating your profile so the outside world can see only what you want them to view on your site. But is your affiliate using online social media sites to reach its audience? More importantly, are you using those sites effectively to serve your affiliate’s members and communicate your message?

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