Local Affiliates Team Up to Host Regional Leadership Conference

Volume 37, Number 4


Susan L. Tiedemann is an Assistant Editor of The Affiliate, an ABA YLD Scholar, and practices law in Washington, D.C.

We all recognize that conferences offer valuable opportunities for young lawyers to network and find out what other affiliates are doing so that new, fresh ideas can be taken back to local bar associations. But not all young lawyers can attend ABA conferences for various reasons including travel distance, cost, and limited time off. Local affiliates also may not have the funds to send their representatives to ABA conferences. To make conferences more accessible to their members, some bar associations come together to host their own regional conferences. By covering the experience of a recent, successful regional conference, this article aims to provide some guidance for those interested in organizing their own regional conference.

Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma put on the most recent young lawyers regional conference on August 26 to 27, 2011. The South-Central Regional Young Lawyers Leadership Conference was a tri-state regional conference (TSRC) that drew the attendance of nearly 50 leaders from state and local young lawyers associations of the three participating states. For this article, Vincent Cox of the Kansas Bar Association YLS shared his experience as one of the TSRC organizers.

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