Affiliate Public Service Project: Listening to “The Little Voice”

Volume 37, Number 2


Marcella C. Ducca is an Assistant Editor of The Affiliate and an Associate in the Atlanta, Georgia, office of Greenburg Traurig, LLP.

Have you ever been in line at the grocery store and witnessed a parent hit a child? Ever thought about intervening but refrained for fear of what would happen to the child if you did speak up? Under the laws of many states, you actually have a duty to report what you saw.

Enter “The Little Voice.”

“The Little Voice” is an education and outreach program sponsored by the Texas Young Lawyers Association (TYLA). It was the seminal project of TYLA Immediate Past President Jennifer Evans Morris and her board. Along with Kristy Piazza, current TYLA Vice-President, Natasha Brooks, current TYLA Treasurer, and the entire TYLA Family Law Committee, Morris created “The Little Voice” in February 2010 with the goal of educating the public and professionals about their statutory obligation to recognize and report child abuse.


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