Affiliate Projects Showcased at Las Vegas Spring Conference

Volume 36, Number 6

  • Oklahoma Bar Association YLD Senior Citizens Handbook: This 60+ page booklet provides basic information about various legal issues impacting senior citizens, from benefits, to housing, to taxes. Contact information and resources for seniors and attorneys doing pro bono work also were included.
  • Dade County Bar Association YLS Homeless Outreach Committee: The Young Lawyers partnered with homeless centers to help homeless families transition into self-sufficient living. They have monthly activities for the families’ children (arts and crafts, holiday toy drive, carnival, and so on).
  • Arkansas YLS 18 & Life to Go: This legal handbook was designed for young Arkansans on the cusp of adulthood to teach them about the legal consequences of their actions and other  important legal issues.
  • Texas Young Lawyers Association The Little Voice: This project is a campaign to raise awareness about child abuse. TYLA developed public service announcements, TV ads, and other materials to create a massive public awareness campaign.
  • Washington State Bar YLD Moderate Means Program: This program is aimed at filling the justice gap for individuals just above the poverty level (who do not qualify for legal aid) but who can’t afford legal services. Participating attorneys agree to provide reduced-fee services.
  • Oregon New Lawyers Division Practical Skills Through Public Service: This project encourages unemployed and under-employed young lawyers to volunteer for free legal service providers. This serves the dual goal of young lawyers gaining important experience and improving access to justice.
  • New Jersey State Bar YLD Earth Day Project: The group celebrates Earth Day by conducting river and national park clean-ups and planting trees.
  • Junior Lawyers Division of the Law Society in England and Wales: Our UK counterparts implemented an annual international  project to send volunteers to developing nations. For example, in 2008, volunteers went to a village in Borneo to build a clean drinking water system.


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