The ABA Legal Technology Resource Center (LTRC) is proud to present the fourth annual ABA TECHREPORT. ABA TECHREPORT dives into data from the LTRC's  Legal Technology Survey Report to highlight key numbers—and the practical takeaways—for today’s lawyers. In this edition of ABA TECHREPORT our experts weigh in on topics ranging from technology training to technology assisted review.

Planning and Budgeting
Dave Bilinsky and Laura Calloway
Technology should be planned and budgeted for by firms of all sizes. Technology is now ubiquitous in the law firm. It’s almost impossible to imagine anyone effectively (or profitably) practicing law without a full range of technological devices. But, how do we decide which technology to invest in? Does firm size impact this trend? When do lawyers and firms replace technology, and who makes that decision? Find out in this article of the ABA TECHREPORT 2016

Technology Training
Mark Rosch
Getting the appropriate training in your technology can be the difference between a wise investment and wasted money.  Mark Rosch looks at the training options available to lawyers, what they find most effective, and what they should be considering next.

David Ries
The 2016 Legal Technology Survey Report explores a number of new areas in data security, with a particular emphasis on what clients are asking law firms to provide.

Cloud Computing
Dennis Kennedy
Is adoption of cloud computing slowing? Or is the distinction between cloud and traditional software blurring? Dennis Kennedy looks at the changes in adoption, benefits, concerns, and precautions regarding the cloud in 2016 with an eye towards the future.

Mobile Technology
Aaron Street
Working doesn't have to mean sitting in front of a desk or standing in a courtroom any more.  In this article, Aaron Street explores recent changes including shifts in mobile platforms, use of tablets, and mobile security issues.

Practice Management Software
Joshua Poje
Managing an active law firm can be complicated and challenging. In this article, Joshua Poje examines the various tools lawyers have adopted to help simplify and improve law firm management, and explores some of the opportunities they may be missing.

Blogging, Twitter, and Social Media
Allison C. Shields
Lawyer's use of technology evolves constantly, but how is their use of social media changing? Allison Shields examines how lawyers’ use of social media and blogging have changed in recent years, and what it may mean for the future.

Virtual Law Practice
Chad Burton
Practicing law from your local coffee shop, or something more? Chad Burton reviews this year's data on virtual law practices and related technology.

Litigation and TAR
Stephen Embry
Technology is changing the way we practice in all settings, but some of the most advanced technology is being employed to simplify litigation--and the vast amounts of data associated with it.  Stephen Embry reviews the latest courtroom technology and how litigators are sifting through increasingly large quantities of electronically stored information.

Solo and Small Firm Technology
Sofia Lingos
Technology has been a great equalizer for solo and small firm practitioners, giving them access to the kind of tools previously reserved for the largest firms with the largest budgets.  How are solos and small firms using technology in 2016? Sofia Lingos examines the data.