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VOL. 62
NO. 2

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Choice of Forum in Federal Civil Tax Litigation
Thomas D. Greenaway

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The Doctrine of Election
Aubree L. Helvey and Beth Stetson

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Regarding the Advisability of a Prohibition on the Taxable Asset Sale to Creditors in Bankruptcy
Carl N. Pickerill

Fifty Years of Utopia: A Half-Century After Louis Kelso’s The Capitalist Manifesto, a Look Back at the Weird History of the ESOP
Andrew W. Stumpff

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Constructive Conditions and the All Events Test
Glenn Walberg

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A Role for Tax Attorneys in Antitrust Law?: Variable-Cost Tax Savings as a Merger Efficiency Defense
Catherine A. Clancy

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Kentucky v. Davis: A Better Approach to Saving Differential Taxation of Municipal Bonds
Conor Bennet-Ward

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The Section 6166 Balancing Game: An Examination of the Policy Behind Estate of Roski v. Commissioner
Britt Haxton

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Recovery of Attorney’s Fees in Tax Litigation Before the Bankruptcy Court: In re Hudson
Aleksandr B. Livshits

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