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VOL. 61
NO. 4

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Cash, Trash, and Tradition: A New Dormant Commerce Clause Exception Emerges from United Haulers and Davis
Daniel R. Ray

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Zappers: Technology-Assisted Tax Fraud, SSUTA, and the Encryption Solutions
Richard Thompson Ainsworth

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California Water’s-Edge Election
Giles Sutton, Chuck Jones, Jack Hodges, and Jaime Yesnowitz

Using Retroactive Taxes to Cure Budget Shortfalls
Kathleen K. Wright

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The “States” of the Federal Common Law Tax Doctrines
Jeffrey C. Glickman and Clark R. Calhoun

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Economic Nexus and Nonresident Corporate Taxpayers: How Far Will It Go?
Megan A. Stombock

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The Import-Export Clause and Territorial Taxation
Evan M. Stern

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Commissioner v. Dunkin: The Ninth Circuit’s Novel Tax Treatment of Deferred Compensation of Divorced Spouses
Matthew Harris

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A Lemon of a Law: Connecticut Denies Reimbursement of Sales Tax Refunded to Customers Under the State’s Lemon Law
Megan V. Morley

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Volume 61, Numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4

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