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NO. 2

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IN MEMORIAM: Edward N. Delaney 
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Whistleblowers and Qui Tam for Tax
Dennis J. Ventry, Jr.

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Deconstructing the Duty to the Tax System: Unfettering Zealous Advocacy on Behalf of Lesbian and Gay Taxpayers
Anthony C. Infanti

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A Different Point of Venue: The Plainer Meaning of Section 7482(b)(1)
James Bamberg

Judicial Deference to Tax Regulations: A Reconsideration in Light of National Cable, Swallows Holding, and Other Developments
Mark E. Berg

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The Case for Tax Credits
Brian H. Jenn

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A Critical Analysis of Glass v. Commissioner: Why Size Should Matter for Conservation Easements
Jonathan M. Burke

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Lawyers Versus Auditors: Disclosure to Auditors and Potential Waiver of Work-Product Privilege in United States v. Textron
Andrew Golodny

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Can a Government Subsidize Itself? The Erosion of a Bright-Line Rule: PNC Financial Services Group v. Commissioner
Mary Kogut

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MacMurray v. Commissioner: Distinguishing Between the Reasonable Cause and Good Faith Requirements of the Section 6664 Exception to Accuracy-Related Penalties
Sean Murphy
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