Section of Taxation Publications
 VOL. 61
NO. 1
FALL 2007

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The Deliberative Stylings of Leading Tax Law Scholars
Andre L. Smith

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Textualism and Intentionalism in Tax Litigation
David F. Shores

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United States Federal Taxation of Derivatives: One Way or Many?
Yoram Keinan

Translating Corporate Concepts into the Language of LLCs
Robert P. Rothman

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The Discount for Lack of Marketability: Update on Current Studies and Analysis of Current Controversies
Robert Reilly and Aaron Rotkowski

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The Comprehensive Interpretation of Section 7463(f) in Schwartz v. Commissioner
Stephanie Benyard

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Turn Off the Tape Recorder at Telephonic Collection Due Process Hearings: Why the District Court Was Wrong in Simien v. Internal Revenue Service
Gregory W. Carey

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Is That the End? Section 67(e) and Trust Investment Advisory Fees After Knight v. Commissioner
Dean Roy

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A Second Bite? The Availability of Section 1346(a)(1) as an Alternative Remedy to Section 7426(a)(1) in EC Term of Years Trust v. United States
Kara Soderstrom
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