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NO. 2

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"In Memoriam"
David W. Richmond
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"Origins and Evolution of Section 751(b)"
Professor Karen C. Burke

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"Family Limited Partnerships: The Beat Goes On"
Professor Walter D. Schwidetzky


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"Equity Derivatives, Inbound Capital and Outbound Withholding Tax"
David P. Hariton

"A Green Mountain Miracle and the Garden State Grab: Lessons from Vermont and New Jersey on State Corporate Tax Reform"
Professor Mark J. Cowan and Clint Kakstys

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"The Low-Income Housing Tax Credit: A Proposal to Address Concerns Regarding Non-Profit / For-Profit Partnerships"
Bradley Myers


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"A Penny Saved: Will Health Savings Accounts Provide Retirees with Necessary Health Benefits?"
Michael P. Spiro

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"Solving Section 734(b)"
Leigh Osofsky

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"An End to Politically Motivated Audits of Churches? How Amendment to Section 7217 Can Preserve Integrity of the Tax Investigation of Churches Under Section 7611"
Leslie Garthwaite
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Coltec Industries, Inc. v. United States
Leland Gardner
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Murphy v. Internal Revenue Service
Elizabeth Rose
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United States v. Roxworthy
Jeremy Scanlan
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