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  VOL. 60
NO. 1
FALL 2006

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The (Im)Balance of Externalities in Employment-Based Exclusions from Gross Income
by Professor William P. Kratzke

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Apportionability in State Income Taxation: The Uniform Division of Income for Tax Purposes Act and Allied-Signal
by James H. Peters and Benjamin F. Miller
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The Art of Taxation: Joseph Hemard’s Illustrated Tax Code
by Farley P. Katz

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Income Recognition and Revenue Ruling 2003-10: A Large Ship Steered by a Very Small Rudder
by Michael Baillif and Monique C. Reid

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Gentlemen, Deduct Your Engines: Whether Regular Maintenance
of Aircraft Engines Should Have Been a Deductible Expense in
FedEx Corp. v. United States

Karen Berenthal

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Hattem v. Schwarzenegger : Terminating Preemption Challenges to State
Taxation of ERISA Plans’ Unrelated Business Taxable Income

Yonatan Gelblum

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Upsetting the Government’s Right to Redemption Under Section 7425
Carl Hinnescheidt
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