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NO. 4

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IN MEMORIAM: Sherwin Palmer Simmons
Roberta Casper Watson

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The Transfer Pricing Problem: A Global Proposal for Simplification
Eduardo Baistrocchi

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How to Build a Bridge: Eliminating the Book-Tax Accounting Gap
Celia Whitaker
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The Tax Shelter Game
Chin-Chin Yap

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The State of Integration in a Partial Integration State
Joshua Mishkin

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The Relevance of Federal Income Tax Courses in the Law School Curriculum
and in Law Practice: Now More Than Ever

Reginald Mombrun

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The Right Intention but the Wrong Result: The Misapplication of Section 1341
in Cooper v. United States

Charlie Boer


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The End of the Strangi Saga: Bona Fide Guidance from the Fifth Circuit
Christopher Gladbach

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When the Commerce Clause and the Export Clause Collide:
A Critique of Consolidation Coal v. United States

Melissa H. Goldschmid
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