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Report of the Task Force on International Tax Reform


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Taxing Undocumented Immigrants:
Separate, Unequal, and Without Representation

Francine J. Lipman

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Fallacies of Presumption:
Unpacking the Impact of the Section 409A Proposed
Regulations on Stock Appreciation Rights
Issued by Privately-Held Companies

Vanessa A. Scott


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Making Your Business Fly Above Section 183:
Fair Skies Following Rabinowitz v. Commissioner
Jeremiah B. Frueauf

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Strict Divestiture Requirements in Section 6324(a)(1):
First American Title v. United States
and the Hazard of the Special Estate Tax Lien
Jeanette Quick

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Right Without Reason? The Check-The-Box Corporate or
Partnership Election Regulations Correctly Held Valid:
Littriello v. United States

William J. Rowe


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No M.B.A. Left Behind: Professional Education as a
Business Expense in Allemeier v. Commissioner

Robert A. Stolworthy, Jr.


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