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NO. 2

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Income Tax Claims in the Year of Bankruptcy:
A Congressionally Created Quagmire

Gregory L. Germain

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Equipment Fee Clauses in U.S. Tax Treaties:
The Unmolded Progeny of Madame Tussaud?

Wright Schickli
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Tax Controversy Overburdened:
A Critique of Heightened Standards of Proof

John Gamino
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When Do Tax Deficiencies Actually Accrue?
Resolving the Recent Circuit Split over the Accumulated Earnings Tax

Kamran Idrees
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Reform but Preserve the Federal Tax Deduction for Charitable
Contributions of Historic Facade Easements

Jennifer Anne Rikoski

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DiGiacomo v. Teamsters Pension Trust Fund of Philadelphia and Vicinity:
Why and How the Supreme Court Should Resolve the Circuit
Split Over Pre-ERISA Breaks in Service

Stephen A. LaGarde
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An Employer's Insurable Interest in Rank and File Employees:
Tillman v. Camelot Music, Inc.

Andrea A. Trujillo


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All Hands on Deck:
Rescuing the Revenue Rule form the Supreme Court's Decision in Pasquantino

Brian Wallach

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