Section of Taxation Publications
  VOL. 59
NO. 1
FALL 2005

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LIFO Recapture on C-to-S Conversions:
Filling the Gaps and Ameliorating the Deficiencies of Section 1363(d)

David W. LaRue, Ph.D.

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Underwater Assets and Insolvent Corporations:
Reflections on Treasury’s Recently Proposed Regulations and Related Matters

Jerred G. Blanchard, Jr.
Kenneth L. Hooker
Gary R. Vogel

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Judicial Application of Issue Preclusion in Tax Litigation:
Illusion or Illumination?

Gover Hartt, III
Jonathan L. Blacker

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Defying Expectations:
Assessing the Surprising Resilience of State Death Taxes

Robert Yablon
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Sincerity & Credibility: The True Concerns in Assessing Willfulness –
An Analysis and Criticism of United States v. Pensyl

Donald E. Field
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The Narrowed Reasonable Cause Standard in Section 6651(a)(2):
Estate of Hartsell v. Commissioner

Mark Roche
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Altering the Alter Ego Doctrine: Misapplication and Gender
Issues in Spotts v.United States

Pamela R. Shisler

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