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NO. 2

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Deferential Review of Tax Court Decisions of Law: Promoting Expertise, Uniformity, and Impartiality
Andre L. Smith
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Privilege and the Work Product Doctrine in Tax Cases
Martin J. McMahon, Jr. and Ira B. Shepard
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Section 174 R&E Deduction Upon Statutory Stock Option Exercise
J. Anthony Coughlan
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Patronage-Sourced Income: An Expanding Universe
Clayton S. Reynolds
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Partnerships as an Alternative to Secured Loans
Robert H. Scarborough
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The Tax Regime for Individual Expatriates: Whom to Impress?
Andrew Walker
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Tax Shelter Methodologies: The (Dis)Appearance of Relevant Facts in Walford v. Commissioner
Mark Brennan
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Missing the Balance:
Smith v. United States and the Misapplication of Section 2703

Robert O. Hadfield
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Mere Right to Designate a Beneficiary? The Value of Death Benefits to the Insured Beyond Asbestos Workers Local No. 23 Pension Fund v. United States
Tiffany A. Madigan
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