Section of Taxation Publications
  VOL. 58
NO. 1
FALL 2004

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Dethroning King Enterprises
Jeffrey L. Kwall and Kristina Maynard
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Lessinger, Peracchi, and the Emperor’s New Clothes: Covering a Section 357(c) Deficit with Invisible (or Nonexistent) Property
Stuart Lazar
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Report on Reform of Federal Wealth Transfer Taxes
Task Force on Federal Wealth Transfer Taxes
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Deductibility of Attorneys’ Fees and the Business of Being an Employee: Biehl v. Commissioner
Matthew B. Dubeck
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Failing to Follow the Spirit of ERISA: Kolling v. American Power Conversion Corp.
Carolle Kim
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The Problem of the Payor’s Intent in Tort-Based Settlements: Amos v. Commissioner
Stephen R. Klaffky
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