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NO. 4

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IN MEMORIAM: John S. Pennell
The Honorable Lapsley W. Hamblen, Jr.
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Musings on Tax Court Traditions
The Honorable Thomas B. Wells
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Some Preliminary Thoughts on a Judge's Look Beyond the Record for Evidence of Legislative Facts
The Honorable James S. Halpern
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Affordable Housing and the Role of the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program: A Contemporary Assessment
Sagit Leviner
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Section 358 and Crane—A Reply to My Critics
John A. Bogdanski
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Deference Due Treasury Regulations: The Low Reasonableness Standard in Hospital Corporation of America v. Commissioner
Jared E. Hansen
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What's CARE Got to Do with It? Tax Analysts v. Internal Revenue Service and the CARE Act of 2003
Andrea Hogan
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The Ninth Circuit's Approach to Revocable Spousal Annuities: Was Schott on Target?
Sarah Barr Kahl
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Sibling Rivalry: The Successful Use of Family Limited Partnerships for Wealth Transfers in Estate of Stone v. Commissioner
Kara E. Major
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Important Developments During the Year
Volume 57, Numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4
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