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NO. 2

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Wither FIRPTA?
Fred B. Brown
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The Section 734(b) Basis Adjustment Needs Repair
Howard E. Abrams
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Tax Evidence II: A Primer on the Federal Rules of Evidence as Applied by the Tax Court
Joni Larson
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Fun and Games with Guaranteed Payments
Lewis R. Steinberg
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Sales Price Adjustments: The Continuing Conundrum
Michael Baillif
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That Newtime Religion: Breaking Another False Idol—The COSS
Alvin D. Lurie
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A Second Chance? Evaluating an Inter Vivos Transfer After a Failed QTIP Election: Wells Fargo Bank New Mexico v. United States
Jonathan Beardsley

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Can a State's Marital Deduction Savings Clause Reform a Defective Marital Deduction? Estate of Davis v. Commissioner
Edward C. Renenger

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