Section of Taxation Publications
  VOL. 57
NO. 1
FALL 2003

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The U.S. Consumption Tax: Evolution, Not Revolution
Daniel S. Goldberg
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Exculpatory Liabilities and Partnership Nonrecourse Allocations
Karen C. Burke
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Restricted Stock Notes
David W. Mayo
Full Article
Section 357(c) and the Elusive Basis of the Issuer’s Note
Steven Quiring
Full Article
The Hedge Fund Versus the Mutual Fund
Alan L. Kennard
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By George! Costanza Provides Additional Certainty To SCIN Transactions
Daniel W. Matthews
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Guidelines to Tax Practice Third
Frederic G. Corneel
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Comments in Response to Internal Revenue Service Announcement 2003-29 Regarding International Grant-Making and International Activities by Domestic 501(c)(3) Organizations
Full Article
Water Rights and Like Kind Exchange: Wiechens v. United States
Gretchen Bundy
Full Article
Form and Function in Section 104(a)(1) Dual-Purpose Statute Exclusions: Byrne v. Commissioner
Erika L. Larson
Full Article
No Research and Development Tax Credit for Commercial Software Developers: Tax and Accounting Software Corp. v. United States
Sara J. O’Connell
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Mystifying the Meaning of “Used By” in the Depreciation of Pipelines: Clajon Gas Company v. Commissioner
Jennifer Pogue
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