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  VOL. 56
NO. 4

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Selected Current Effectively Connected Income Issues for Investment Funds
David R. Sicular
Emma Q. Sobol

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The Unresolved Tax Status of Multinational Service Partnerships and Their Partners
Kimberly S. Blanchard
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What Then To Do With a Non-Cooperative Cooperative?
Clayton S. Reynolds
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Joint Ventures Between Non-Profit and For-Profit Organizations
St. David’s Case—Worthy Destination, but Road Under Construction

Janet James Mahon
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Restricting the Flow of Funds from U.S. Charities to International Terrorist Organizations—A Proposal
Mindy Herzfeld
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The Continuing Battle Over Foreign Tax Shelters in the D.C. Circuit: Boca Investerings Partnership v. United States
Francisco J. Navarro
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Section 6321 Tax Liens on Tenancies by the Entirety After United States v. Craft
Kirstin O’Leary
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The Difficulties of Establishing a Supporting Organization When Making Charitable Contributions to a Donor-Advised Fund Program: Lapham Foundation Inc. v. Commissioner
Joel Ugolini
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Gone Fishing! A Fishing Trip Following A Sales Meeting Is Not Tax Deductible Under Section 162: Townsend Industries v. United States
Todd A. Walter
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Important Developments During the Year
Volume 56, Numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4
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