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The Disappearing Limited Deficit Restoration Obligation
Michael A. Oberst
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Foreign Investors in RICs and REITs
Robert J. Staffaroni
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Triple Taxation
Deborah L. Paul
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2002 Erwin N. Griswold Lecture Before the American College of Tax Counsel: "The Dynamic Tax Economist"
Joel Slemrod
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2002 Tannenwald Writing Competition: "A Policy Analysis and Critique of the Joint Committee on Taxation's Simplification Study"
Mark E. Erwin
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Individual Retirement Accounts Incident to Divorce Are Not Excludable from a Debtor's Bankruptcy Estate: Anderson v. Seaver
Wendy Charon
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Equality Principle for Virgin Islands Tax Clarified by the Third Circuit: Chase Manhattan Bank v. Governor of the Virgin Islands
Mary Kay Dunning

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Agencies to the Rescue: Applying Patent Law to the Research and Experimentation Credit Issues in Eustace v. Commissioner
Jeffrey L. Light

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Cracking Walnuts with a Sledgehammer: The Uncertainty of the Reallocation Doctrine in Stewart v. Commissioner
Jeremy Schropp

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Application of Religiously Restrictive Secular-Use Provisions in Tax-Exempt Revenue Bond Financing: Steele v. Industrial Development Board of Metropolitan Government Nashville
Darin Schultz

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