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Deferential Review of Tax Court Decisions: Taking Institutional Choice Seriously
David F. Shores
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The Least Fun Part of the Job or A Tax Lawyer’s Guide to Acquisition Agreements
Robert Rothman
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Untangling the Stock Option Cost Sharing Loophole
Damian Laurey
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Participation in the Service’s Pre-Filing Agreement Program:
A Guide to Developing a Quality PFA Request

David R. Stubblefield
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The Accelerated and Uneconomic Bearing of Tax Burdens by
Mutual Fund Shareholders

Shawn P. Travis
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Racing Without a Profit Objective and Crashing into Section 183: Zidar v. Commissioner
Bronson J. Bigelow

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Evaluating Section 62 Accountable Plans and the Reasonable Reliance Defense: Shotgun Delivery, Inc. v. United States
Dana A. Ehrlich

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The Application of Subpart F Income to a Domestic Corporation Through a Voting Trust After Textron v. Commissioner
John Amory Glaccum

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When Compensation Paid as Salary to Shareholder Employees of Personal Service Corporations is Treated as Dividends: Pediatric Surgical Associates, P.C. v. Commissioner
Kevin G. Mosley

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Discharge of Nonrecourse Liability Versus Discharge of Third Party Indebtedness: Friedland v. Commissioner
Ashton Valente

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