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Simplifying and Rationalizing the Federal Income Tax Law Applicable to Transfers in Divorce
Deborah A. Geier
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Distinguishing Risk: The Disparate Tax Treatment of Insurance and Financial Contracts in a Converging Marketplace
David S. Miller
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Tax-Exempt Electric Cooperatives: A Discussion of Issues Relating to the 85% Member Income Requirement
Clayton S. Reynolds
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The Variance Doctrine: No Forks in the Road to Refunds
Margaret C. Wilson
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Gift or Sale? A Question of Intent in Estate of Costanza v. Commissioner
James A. Bulen, Jr.

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Taxpayers Can Treat the Premium Paid for Expected Property Rights as the Cost Basis of the Later-Acquired Rights: Gladden v. Commissioner
Eduardo Carvajal

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Deductions May Exceed Income to Employees for Entertainment Fringe Benefits Under Section 274: Sutherland Lumber-Southwest, Inc. v. Commissioner
Joshua Eizen

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Drunk and Orderly: The Anomalous Holding of In re Fretz Affects Bankrupt Taxpayers
L. Richard Walton

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