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  VOL. 55
NO. 1
FALL 2001

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IN MEMORIAM: F. Cleveland Hedrick, Jr.
K. Martin Worthy
Welfare Benefits Provided by PEOs
John B. Richards
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What to Consider in Choosing Among Forums for Resolving the Ordinary Tax Dispute
Paul E. Treusch
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IRS Misconduct in an Audit: Is There a Civil Remedy?
Michael G. Tanner
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The Taxation of Space, Ocean, and Communications Income Under the Proposed Treasury Regulations
Jeffrey P. Cowan, Jr.
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Drafting Suggestions for Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts
Robert S. Balter
Tax Treaty Interpretation
John A. Townsend
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Joint Ventures Between Non-Profit and For-Profit Healthcare Providers: Redlands Surgical Services v. Commissioner
Stephen M. Albrecht

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The IRS Gets Its Money When You Do: FICA and FUTA Taxation in United States v. Cleveland Indians Baseball Co.
Dimitra Doufekias Joannou

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An Examination of the Section 108 Statutory Insolvency Exclusion and Its Definition of "Assets" as Applied in Carlson v. Commissioner
Saidah M. Grayson

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Recent Developments in the Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Tax Evasion: United States v. Thomas and Constance Twieg
Kathryn G. Holwill

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Denial of the Royalty Exclusion Because of Excessive Participation in Arkansas State Police Association v. Commissioner
Sharon Light

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