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I Come to Bury Subchapter K, Not to Praise It
Philip F. Postlewaite
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Employee Benefits Considerations in Joint Ventures
Susan P. Serota
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The Tax Adviser's Privilege in Transactional Matters: A Synopsis and a Suggestion
Bruce Kayle
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A Transcontinental "A" Train: Foreign Mergers under Section 368(a)(1)(A)
Steven A. Bank
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Income Taxation, International Competitiveness and the World Trade Organization's Rules on Subsidies: Lessons to the U.S. and to the World from the FSC Dispute
Rosendo Lopez-Mata
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IN MEMORIAM: Charles M. Walker
Sherwin P. Simmons
Statement of Richard M. Lipton on Behalf of the American BarAssociation Section of Taxation, Before the Committee on Finance of the United States Senate on the Subject of Tax Simplification, April 26, 2001
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Comments Concerning Regulations Under Section 368 of the Internal Revenue Code Regarding Mergers Involving Disregarded Entities
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Comments Concerning IRS Notice 2001-10
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Assessing S Corporation Cancellation of Debt Income on Shareholders' Income and Basis in the S Corporation's Stock: Gitlitz v. Commissioner
Julie F. Bell
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Reasonableness, First Impression, and the Accuracy-Related Penalty: Neonatology Associates v. Commissioner

Mitzi Chang
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Fees Paid by Trustees for Investment Strategy Advice and Management Services are Not Deductible Under Section 67(e)(1): Mellon Bank, N.A. v. United States

Danielle M. Hohos
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