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Revaluations Revisited: Partnership Allocations and the Demise of the Ceiling Rule
Stephen B. Land
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Age Discrimination or Age Justification? The Case of the Shrinking Future Interest Credits under Cash Balance Plans
Alvin D. Lurie
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Tying the Knot: The Tax Consequences of Marriage
Angela V. Langlotz
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The 2000 Proposed Regulations on Corporate Sponsorship Payments: A Step Toward Restoring the Public's Trust in Charitable Organizations
Aaron P. Nocjar
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Research Tax Credit Can Apply to Software Development as Congress Intended: Tax and Accounting Software Corp. v. United States

Robin Davis
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When are Pre-Merger Officer Salaries and Investigatory Expenses Deductible under Section 162: The Eighth Circuit's Answer in: Wells Fargo & Co. v. Commissioner
Kelsey Lemaster

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Business Expense Deduction for Private Jet Allowed if Reasonable: Kurzet v. Commissioner

J. Taylor McConkie
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Ethel Cotnam's Ghost—The Conflicting Tax Treatment of Contingent Attorney's Fees: Srivastava v. Commissioner

B. Douglas Smith, Jr.
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