Section of Taxation Publications
  VOL. 54
NO. 1
FALL 2000

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Bad Drafting – A Case Study of the Design and Implementation of the Income Tax Subsidies for Education
Glenn E. Coven
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Breaking the Glass Slipper – Reflections on the Self-Employment Tax
Patricia E. Dilley
Full Article
State Tax Jurisdiction and the Mythical "Physical Presence" Constitutional Standard
Michael T. Fatale
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How Federal Pension Laws Influence Individual Work and Retirement Decisions
Jonathan Barry Forman
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Standards of Tax Practice Statement
American Bar Association Section of Taxation Committee on Standards of Tax Practice

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S Corporation Losses May Not Be Deducted from Self-Employment Net Income: Ding v. Commissioner

Andrew Cook
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Under TEFRA Procedures, Partners Cannot Change Their Election From Litigation to a Consistent Settlement: Prochorenko v. United States

John G. Ha
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The Harbor Maintenance Tax and the Constitutionality of Taxing Cruise Passengers as Commercial Cargo Under the Export Clause: Carnival Cruise Lines, Inc. v. United States

Keith E. Ranta
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Cash Method of Accounting for Professional Health Services Corporations: Osteopathic Medical Oncology and Hematology, P.C. v. Commissioner

Lisa DeMarchi Sleigh
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Disparate Treatment of University Administrators’ and Tenured Faculty Members’ Early Retirement Payments for FICA Taxation: North Dakota State University v. United States

Heather L. Turner
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