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NO. 4

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When It's Broke – Fix It: Reforming Irrevocable Trusts to Change Tax Consequences
F. Ladson Boyle
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Interest Allocation: a Regime Desperately in Need of Sound Policy
Bret Wells
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Paperless Administration of Employee Benefits Plans: A Practical Analysis of the Unresolved Issues
Suzanne Guitar
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Determining the Deductibility of Executive Compensation: Exacto Spring Corp. v. Commissioner

Heather L. Hathaway
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Gains and Losses Realized by Nonexempt Agricultural Cooperative on the Disposition of Stock in Three Corporations and Section 1231 Property Were Classified as Patronage Income: Farmland Industries, Inc. v. Commissioner

Alexander Y. Kymn
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Sham Transaction Doctrine Applied to the Offshore Reinsurance Industry: United Parcel Service v. Commissioner

Scott Mirelson
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Disclaimer of Intestate's Estate Under Arkansas Law Cannot Prevent Attachment of Federal Tax Lien: Drye v. United States

Claudia M. Osorio
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The Availability of Lack of Liquidity Discounts for Transfers of Family Limited Partnership Interests: Kerr v. Commissioner

Marva J. Rowan
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Should Financial Difficulties Constitute Reasonable Cause for Nonpayment of Employment Taxes? The Third Circuit's Robin Hood Response in: East Wind Industries, Inc. v. United States

Victoria L. Yeager
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Important Developments During the Year
Volume 53, Numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4
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