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Tax Benefits, Tax Administration, and Legislative Intent
David P. Hariton
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The Role of Prescription in the Interpretive Problem of Basis Determination
Anthony P. Polito
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What is Tax Treaty Abuse? (Is Treaty Shopping an Outdated Concept?)
Richard L. Reinhold
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Capital Gain v. Ordinary Income and the FICA Tax Treatment of Employee Stock Purchase Plans
Kevin Wiggins
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2000 Erwin N. Griswold Lecture Before the American College of Tax Counsel:
How Will a Court Rule?
M. Carr Ferguson
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Standards of Tax Practice Statement
American Bar Association Section of Taxation Committee on the Standards of Tax Practice
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Collateral Estoppel Defense Disallowed When Not Initially Raised During Administrative Proceeding: True v. United States
Daniel K. Chang

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Foreign Tax Credit Denied To Sham Tax Avoidance Transaction: Compaq v. Commissioner
Clifford D. Cohn

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Payments to Employees of Closely Held Corporation Not Deductible under Section 162(a)(1) When They Represent Disguised Dividends: O.S.C. & Associates, Inc. v. Commissioner
Evan R. Fleck

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A Framework for Determining Priority of Tax Liens Pursuant to Section 6323: Amato v. United States
Matthew Freimuth

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Assessing Employer FICA Tax on the Estimated Aggregate Unreported Tips of Employees: Quietwater Entertainment, Inc. v. United States
Jonathan H. Lehr

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Equitable Recoupment-Is it Beyond the Tax Court’s Jurisdiction?: Estate of Branson v. Commissioner
Luis C. Marini

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Gain-Triggering Abandonment of Leasehold Subject to Nonrecourse Debt Occurred upon Agreement Transferring Substantive Ownership: L & C Springs Associates v. Commissioner
Nina S. Tallon

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Act of State Doctrine Allows Foreign Taxes on "Net Loan" Interest Paid by a Foreign Central Bank to be Credited as a Foreign Tax Credit: Riggs National Corp. v. Commissioner
Mark Vincent Vlasic
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