Changes to Standards and Rules Approved by Section Council

Volume 43 Issue 2

At its meeting on December 3, 2011, the Council of the Section approved the proposed changes to Rule 3, Rule 5(a), Rule 22, and new Interpretation 510-2. The changes have been sent to the ABA House of Delegates for concurrence at its February meeting in New Orleans.

The change to Rule 3 (Accreditation Committee Consideration) complies with U.S. Department of Education regulations by codifying the requirement that the Council undertake regular interim monitoring of schools to ensure compliance with the Standards between regular site visits. The change to Rule 3 provides a general framework for such monitoring. The primary focus of the interim monitoring will be on data provided in the Annual Questionnaire, which all schools already submit. While every school will undergo the interim monitoring, only in those instances where the monitoring raises significant questions about possible noncompliance with one or more of the Standards would a school be contacted.

New Interpretation 510-2 (Student Loan Programs) complies with Department of Education requirements concerning student loan default rates and compliance with Title IV of the High Education Act. It applies only to independent law schools.

The revisions to Rule 22 (Teach-out Plan and Agreement and Law School Closure) and Rule 5(a) (Jurisdiction of the Accreditation Committee) comply with Department of Education requirements for teach-out plans and teach-out agreements in the event of a closure of a school or branch.

Proposed Revisions to Rule 3
New Interpretation 510-2
Proposed Revisions to Rule 22
Proposed Revisions to Rule 5(a)



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