Publications Programs Offer a Myriad of Writing Opportunities

Volume 42 Number 3-4


The Section’s Publications Committee was formed in 2010 to provide guidance for the Section’s existing publications and to begin to build a publications program that would take advantage of Section’s members’ vast knowledge of legal education and to provide non-dues revenue for the Section. The program also offers Section members a variety of publishing opportunities.

The inaugural Publications Committee is chaired by Bryant Garth, dean of Southwestern Law School. Its members include Daniel Thies, law clerk to the Honorable Jerry Smith of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit; Laurel Terry, professor at Penn State University, The Dickinson School of Law; and Barry Vickrey, dean of the University of South Dakota School of Law. Working with Rick Paszkiet, the ABA Deputy Director for Book Publishing, the committee is building an acquisitions plan for the next several years. To that end, the committee has identified a list of topic areas for acquisition:

● How-to Manual on Assessment

●Distance Education

●How-to Manual on Clinics

●LLM Guidebook

●Legal Writing

●How to be an effective law teacher/How to craft exams

●How to be a Law School Administrator

●Buildings/Bricks & Bytes

●Law School Form Book (looseleaf format or online)
        Character and Fitness forms
        Faculty Evaluation Forms
        Annual Report to the Dean
        Tenure Policies  
●The Law Student Summer Experiences
        Study Abroad

Section members with expertise in the above topic areas are encouraged to consider writing for the ABA and for the Section. Opportunities exist for both book and periodical publications. On the Syllabus home page, you will find guidelines for writing for the Section’s newsletter. If you interested in book publishing, visit the ABA Publishing site for author guidelines and the author book proposal form.  

Our first acquisition is Best Practices for Building a High-Tech Law School, by April Mara Barton, assistant dean for academic computing at Villanova University School of Law. Currently in production, we hope to debut the publication at the Section’s Bricks and Bytes Conference next March in San Diego. In addition, a number of book proposals submitted to ABA Book Publishing offer opportunities for the Section to co-sponsor titles with other entities. The Committee will be reviewing several such manuscripts later this year.

Legal Expert Author Pool Offers Writing Opportunities for Minority Legal Professionals
The Section is participating in The ABA Center for Racial and Ethnic Diversity's Legal Expert Author Pool (LEAP), a complimentary service for diverse lawyers and professionals. LEAP establishes and maintains a pool of authors who have expertise and willingness to write for periodicals; and facilitates connections between those authors and ABA Publishing. To learn more and to sign up for the Legal Expert Author Pool, visit LEAP or contact the Center for Racial and Ethnic Diversity at 312.988.5667 or


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