Changes Proposed for Criteria for Student Study at a Foreign Institution

Volume 45 Number 1

At its meeting held on August 8-9, 2013, the Section's Council  approved for Notice and Comment proposed revisions to the following:

Criteria for Accepting Credit for Student Study at a Foreign Institution (“Proposed Criteria”), which would replace the Criteria for Student Study at a Foreign Institution (“Current Criteria”).

The Proposed Criteria make clear that a law school must take steps to assure the quality of the student’s educational experience. Proposed Criterion I.A. requires, among other things, that a law school:

Ensure that the studies at the foreign institution are such that the law school would grant credit toward its own degree [I.A.1. and 5.]

Develop and publish a statement that defines the educational objectives the law school

Seeks to achieve in allowing students to study abroad [I.A.3.]

Appoint an academic advisor at the law school for any student engaging in studies at a foreign institution [I.A.4.(a)]

Have the appointed academic advisor and the student develop a written plan that defines the educational objectives [I.A.4.(b)]

Criterion I.B. focuses on the foreign institution only with regard to its status: it must be government sanctioned or recognized, if educational institutions are state regulated; or recognized or approved by an accrediting agency, if such an agency exists; or chartered to award first degrees in law by the appropriate authority within the country.

The proposed revisions and complete commentary are published on the Section’s website: Notice and Comment.

We solicit and encourage written comments on the proposed changes by letter or e-mail. Please address written comments on the proposals to JR Clark, Paralegal, at our Chicago office or at Comments should be submitted no later than October 15, 2013.







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